Q.    How do I book?


A.    Firstly you need to contact us to make sure we have your date available and that we can meet your requirements. This is best done via email as we will need to know the date and an estimate of numbers etc and we cannot always check the diary if you call and we are driving or dressing an event.



Q.    Can I come and see the colours or will you send swatches?


A.    We are always happy to meet our customers and this is usually best done at your venue so we can ensure everything fits and you can see our swatches.  Remember some venues are very dark and the colour is not going to look the same as in other lighting. Please contact us to arrange this, it is best organised well in advance as it may lead to disappointment if we are too busy to fit you in a few weeks before your event. We have in the past sent out swatches but this is becoming too expensive to have to keep ordering in new ones and also to post as many people just ask to see 'pink' and we have a huge number of shades so would have to replace them all. We suggest bringing along a swatch of some ribbon etc you would like to match.



Q.    How many covers do I need?


A.    You would be surprised how many people forget to add themselves and the registrars when they give us final numbers. Some photographers and other people involved on the day expect to be included in the meal and therefore it can ruin the look if you have a bare chair for them so we would advise checking. Some people want extra chairs covered for the evening, it is your choice. Some venues request that you provide some extra chairs for the ceremony so guests don't have to climb over others to get to the last seat, or they don't want to sit seperately. This is also totally your choice but please discuss it with the venue as it can lead to confusion on the day



Q.    When do I have to pay?


A.    Once we have agreed the details of the event and you have given an estimate of numbers we will ask you to pay a £75 deposit to secure the date, this is non refundable if you choose to cancel the date etc but would be refunded if we had to cancel for any reason. This is deducted from your final balance. The remainder is then not due until 4 weeks before the wedding when we will need your final numbers. We are unable to hold dates for weeks on end without a deposit and we are unable to wait until a week before the event to receive final numbers and payment as it may impact upon other events and prevents us from allowing staff notice.



Q.    Do you offer DIY?


A.  Yes we do! This is for those who want to stick to a budget or wish to get more involved themselves. Not everything is available DIY so please ask but there are some prices in the pricelist section. The items will be made available on the Wednesday before your event and are due back by Monday 2pm. If covers are late back we will have to charge due to the quick turn around



Q.    When will you set up?


A.    This very much depends on what other bookings we have on that day and what is mutually convenient for the venue and us. We are often able to go in the day before the event if the venue are happy with this but we will discuss that with them. We are usually unable to stipulate an exact time of arrival as we can often have 5 events that day and it will depend which staff are attending. If there is a real need to be there for a specific time to meet a keyholder for example we will need to know this either at the time of booking or at the latest 4 weeks before the event.